Our Big Valla Road Trip

Day One

So Jetstar didnt do too bad although we took off an hour late we were only 10 minutes late arriving, we then had a taxi ride to Villawood to collect the kombis. So although they were supposed to be ready for us to collect first thing friday when we arrived Grahams was still on a truck which had only just arrived! We watched them forklift it off the truck and then we were ready to go. A pitstop at the mall for breakfast & stock up on supplies and we headed off to catch up with Jamie & Jan. I dont think we'll be moving to Sydney anytime soon traffic was a nightmare but eventually we made it out of the suburbs and on to the M1. We took the tourist route to Wollombi which was just beautiful such a lovely a drive. We stopped at the Wollombi Tavern for a bite of lunch and after seeing their field where you can free camp we decided to stay the night. We're now just chillin by the kombi's before we go and have dinner in the tavern before having an early night as after no sleep on the plane it's catching up with us. Time to just relax now.Watsons




Fly out day!

Well its Thursday 21st July finally tonight we catch the red eye to Sydney. There are now 8 of us going, Justin is joining us, a birthday surprise from his lovely wife Klair. Jo & Andrew were interviewed by their local paper you can read the article here. Jamie & Jan are already in Sydney taking the opportunity to catch up with a few friends first, the rest of us will be soon be meeting at the airport bar.

So all our Kombi’s have spent the last few weeks being lavished with our attention as we did all the jobs to hopefully make the next month much more enjoyable, ours included a new mattress which has only had a couple of road test on our living room floor so I hope its comfortable!! We also decided to get a bigger fridge and after several weeks of discussions, Internet searches and visits to camping stores we decided to go for an upright fridge a big change from our Waeco esky so this trip will certainly be a good test for it although if it fails we are stuck with it.

Last Tuesday was delivery day to the trucking company and I’m happy to say all the Kombis are safely in Sydney awaiting our early morning arrival.

We will meet up with Jamie & Jan whilst Jo & Andrew go and visit with Jo’s aunt and then they will catch us up later in the morning. We are taking the scenic route on The Great North road to the Hunter Valley so not too long a drive after the night flight.

Watch this space for our first report back on the trip if not tomorrow I should have something done by Saturday.

Tina and Dave


New Fridge all fitted.

Fridge ready to be filled.

First Installment

Welcome to our road trip blog.

A group of us have decided to make the trip over east to the Valla Volkswagen Spectacular and do a 3 week road trip back to Perth.

The idea of this blog is to allow all of us to post up about our Valla adventures whilst on the road for all of our families, friends and fellow Veedubbers to follow.

We hope you enjoy sharing our adventure.

So it’s only taken Dave and myself 10 years to actually book to go to the Valla VW Spectacular!! Altogether we now have 7 people and 4 Kombis going. As a group we decided to transport the Kombi’s to Sydney, fly over to collect them and head north to Valla Beach. After the week-long event we will take a further 3 weeks to do some exploring on the drive home. So there is lots of decisions and organising to do. Due to the size of the event the booking forms needed to be in by the end of March so the first job was to decide what events to attend during the week. We will be doing a couple of cruises, an observation run and of course the big show on Saturday and Sunday in Nambucca heads which we leave us some free days to explore the local area.

Getting the Kombi’s to Sydney wasn’t straight forward as they are too tall to go on the train and all the trucking companies I called wanted them empty some even down to having to remove the mattress from the bed! As we will be living in them for a month we needed to transport them as campers. Jo made a call to a friend in the trucking industry and found us a far more accommodating company that would allow us to leave our camping gear inside, woohoo.

Jamie and Graham are already in the process of building new engines for their Kombi’s so the pressure is on to get them complete and hopefully run in before we have to send them on their way! Andrew isn’t confident about his engine as it has not been overhauled and ours has oil leaks so we have both decided to get turnkey engines built by VForce Performance. So we should hopefully have our engines by mid-May which will give us time to run them in before we go.

So next on the list is a rough plan of the route we want to do, remove anything non-essential from the Kombi’s, put together a tools and parts list to distribute amongst the Kombi’s, do any other jobs to the Kombi’s to make sure we live stress free lives whilst on the road.

Now the fun begins!

My planning station ready to go. Tina



Valla by Andrew & Jo


So we are 3 sleeps away from putting our Kombi's on the trucks! Andrew has spent the last 4 weeks fine tuning our new motor and we have been busy re packing and stacking the interior. We have brought our 1972 crossover camper into the 21st century with 12/240/solar conversions with a dual battery set up. Our interior is all 1972 original. We have replaced the mattress and upholstery, the fridge and made all the lighting Led otherwise everything else is 1972.

We are really looking forward to the week in Valla. The photos that we have seen from 2014 look amazing. I think Andrew will be Volkswagen heaven!

The roadtrip is going to be amazing and a highlight for Andrew & I will be seeing snow for the first time.

Until our next intallment on the road

Andrew & Jo



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