Our Big Valla Road Trip

Day 11

After the show & shine yesterday we headed back to camp Dave loaded our roof rack with his purchases whilst I packed everything away ready for an early start this morning. Jan emptied what looked like the entire contents of Micro onto the grass to have a big sort but there was still loads more in the van. Once we had all finished packing up we went over to watch the fireworks last then had our last dinner in the Woolshed followed by a few drinks and pinball.

We left Valla at 6.30am to drop Justin at the train station for his trip back to Sydney for his flight home. It was great having Justin’s company for Valla a shame he couldn’t make the rest of the trip. What a great event we all had a blast and can’t wait to do it again.

We started heading south and decided to stop at Port Macquarie for breakfast, top up supplies and enjoy the views. We continued on Ocean Drive to Kew where we picked up The Pacific Highway again. A bit further south and we detoured off again on The Lakes Way beautiful scenery the lakes were stunning. We stooped at Nerong for a spot of lunch by the water a beautiful spot. We are heading towards Wisemans Ferry where we plan to get the ferry across the Hawkesbury river to explore the Blue Mountains tomorrow. Not sure what signal will be like when we park up so posting now.

Jan rearranging microJan sorting out

The boys playing frisbee

Boys playing

View at Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie

Caught up with a BeetleBeetle

Day ten

Well I spoke too soon although Dave only came back with a small bag of bits he actually also bought 2 doors which he picked up today so it looks like the roof rack will be in use! We are camped right next to the entry to todays show and shine so this morning in bed the cars started coming past from 6am. After breakfast the boys went off to scavenge round the swap meet, us girls all decided to get some washing done before we hit the road tomorrow. Dave managed to buy more stuff to fill our kombi with on the trip home! The show and shine was very impressive so many Vdubs from top class full resto shiny ones to some great rats and the everyday cars.

Show & Shine day

shiny busesbuseskarmannsshow n shine

beetlesjacked upherbies356 frontsingle cab caravannice set upnice swamp coolerratty squarerat busbarny engineprizesbarny

army campd doorjan relaxingits a hard lifejo and andrewrelaxingnot that way

Day eight

Today we joined the observation run, it took us on a drive around Valla Beach and Nambucca Heads collecting business names and building names, stopping at lookouts and beaches taking photos. Our last stop was at the V Wall in Nambucca Heads where we did some rock painting. We took a drive out in the country to the pub with no beer and had a very nice and cheap lunch.

The boys played around with the carbys and checked the spark plugs to try solve Graham’s popping noise, they suspect the inlet manifold to head, gasket is leaking so will need to have a proper look back at camp. We headed on to Bowraville but my route plan took us on a gravel road so Jamie & Graham decided to head off to catch the end of the racing. We carried on with Maid Marion, the road was a good condition and it was a beautiful drive up over the hill with fantastic scenery. We had stroll through town before heading back to Nambucca to fuel up ready for the weekend. Back at camp it’s roast in the Woolshed tonight.

My rock painting

tina painting

Dave painting his rock

daves painting

Dave's finished painting

dave painting

The Pub with no beer


Day nine

Last night we were joined in the Woolshed by Kim and Adam, after a very tasty roast they came back to camp with us. The camp got a makeover last night, Jamie parked opposite us allowing his awning sidewall to connect to our awning giving us a roof over the central area. Jamie cranked up the tunes and we all had boogie which helped keep us warm. Several drinks later we took a cruise around the campsite with everyone piled in & on Grahams bus. A few more dances later and a trip to warm up round the fire-pit we called it a night. Graham put his bus to bed by parking it in the centre under the new roof hoping to be able to close his doors and not get condensation on the inside of his roof. The good news is that it worked, the bad news is he will be parking in the middle of the camp the rest of the trip!

We got up early this morning to pack up and move the buses into the very long queue of cars waiting for the cruise start. Some of the swap meet guys were already setting up so the boys had a wander around whilst we waited. It took a while before we started moving, there were Vdubs everywhere as far as we could see ahead and behind. It was a slow cruise down the A1 to Nambucca which came to a standstill when we were still 2km’s out of town. Someone had a heart attack in town so all the cars had to stop and wait for the ambulance, just over an hour later we started moving again and eventually made it in to town. By the time we started moving quite a few cars had turned around and left but it was still an impressive sight to see just how many cars turned up. When we parked up was officially the end of the road closure permit but because of the delay it was extended so by the time we had walked the entire length & back again it was time to leave.

Back at the campsite there were cars everywhere including on our campsite. Dave parked up and went straight to the swap meet whilst I got the van sorted. Dave managed to find a few spare parts but nothing large enough that it needed to go on the roof. It certainly looks different around camp today compared to when we arrived on Sunday.

Our new camp setup

camp sat

Last nights dinner


Dave hitching a ride


Graham putting his bus to bed


On the road



Pulled over waiting

pulled over

The main street



Day seven

Last night we were joined in camp by Colin & Glyn from Adelaide so lots more VW talk. This morning Jo & Andrew headed off to Nambucca to do a river cruise whilst the rest of us went to Raleigh raceway to watch some VW racing. It was a very slow start to the racing but at least the sun was shining, it was a beautiful clear day. We were parked trackside and stayed the whole day, a few more Perth locals showed up including Wayne & Scott. It was great to see all the Vdubs racing round the tight circuit improving their lap times as the day went on, particularly seeing a chopped and cropped drag kombi that is not really designed to go round corners but did quite well.

On the way back to camp we detoured off the pacific highway at Raleigh and found a pot-holed road just for Graham J We also detoured off at Urunga and stopped to walk the boardwalk past the Mangroves to the beach. After that it was time to head back and setup for the night before our Thai dinner at the Woolshed. The campsite is now starting to fill up with more and more Vdubs.

Slammed notch grading the road through camp


Dave the giant and the drag bus

Dave the giant

The Pits at Raleigh raceway

The pits

Kombi on the track

kombi on the track 

On the way back to camp

by the water

The Boys off the boardwalk

The boys



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