Days 14 to 18 I think!

I’ve used all my Internet and Dave’s is getting low so I will only be able to update the blog or add photos when we get some Wi-Fi access so this one is a bit longer than normal.

On Wednesday the rain didn’t stop so we made camp in the camp kitchen and with Jo’s heater going it was very cosy. We headed off with Graham Thursday morning to catch up with Klaus and see his collection of Vdubs, nice collection of kombi’s but lots of work needed! We then went up the road to see Rod Penrose and look at some twin carbys to replace our single carby. Jo & Andrew arrived just ahead of us. Dave & Andrew chatted with Rod to get his advice on the best option for our engines, they both bought IDF 40 twin carby sets. Rod offered for us to fit them at his place but with our schedule, the rain and possible modifications needed decided to wait until we get home to. We headed down the road to Rod’s local Chinese and Klaus joined us there for lunch and the food was great and portions large enough that I didn’t need to eat for the rest of the day.

After lunch we headed out to Kangaroo Valley to meet up with Jan & Jamie who were already out there doing some photography. After a beautiful drive through Kangaroo Valley we stopped at Bendeela recreation area where we camping the night. What a fantastic spot as soon we drove in we saw kangaroo’s and wombats roaming around munching the grass. Fortunately the rain held off for the evening and we were able to set up camp and have a few drinks, it was a very nice evening.

Friday morning we headed out to Fitzroy falls, we took a walk out to the lookouts and enjoyed all the views before heading off towards Canberra and catch up with Jamie and Jan as they went to the falls on Thursday they went on ahead. We all met up at the Australian War Memorial, we didn’t have enough time to go in but we had a quick look around the outside before driving up Mt Ainslie to the lookout over Canberra, the views from there were spectacular. We then drove up capital hill and stopped outside parliament house for a quick photo stop then on to Jindabyne and the snow.

We got a beautiful camping spot right on the lake, whilst we were sorting ourselves out Pete & Sonja come over as they saw our vans on their walk into town from their campsite. We all went over to Brumby’s Bar and Grill for dinner, the place was heaving. After several attempts to organise a time to meet up in the morning it was decided on a 6.45am meet at our site.

This morning we drove up to Bullocks flats where we got the Ski tube, a train through the mountain up to Perisher. Pete, Sonja, Graham & Jamie all went off snowboarding whilst Dave, Jan and I went exploring, we took a scenic chair lift to the to top and had snowball fights before heading back down for a drink and meeting up with the others for lunch. After lunch we worked off some of our food tobogganing, walking up the top in snow is hard work! Dave and I also had a ride on the snow tube, which was great fun even if I did nearly go over the wall twice. Jo and Andrew went to Threadbo where they could explore the town as well as go to the top of the mountain and stop in at the restaurant at the top. All in all everyone had lots of fun.

Kangaroo Valley

kangaroo valley

Wombat at our campsite


Wombat, Kangaroo and a Kookaburra

wombat roo kooky

Wombat & Kombis

Kombis wombat

Fitzroy Falls

Fitzroy falls



Parliment House

Parliment house

Arriving at Perisher


On the snow


chairlift 1


photo comp


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