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5 months 1 week ago #17865 by vwjon
hotwheels was created by vwjon
I've been wanting to do a Hotwheels post for a long time (as well as a Matchbox post) to log and document the new releases as I find them here in WA, The perth Hotwheels scene is about3-6 months behind the rest of the world, People tell me of new cars in the UK along time before I see them on the pegs here, and quite often I've had a couple sent out before I buy them here.

So if you're quick REJECT shop are selling a range of beautiful vans under the MARVEL banner, slightly more expensive than the regular Hotwheels, but well worth it. The paint and graphics used are stunning and a little weird, the overall detail is excellent. The must be some very proud designers etc at that factory.

So the one to watch for right now is a mid 60's splitty panel van with Superman on the sides, very nice reddy orange to yellow chameleon pain, fine detailed graphics, different on each side, personally I don't like that, but I guess its kinda more bang for your buck. I do actually prefer the other side ( the side you can't see in the blister packet) The vans well lowered, running on correct wide 5 possibly dragway style wheels redline tyres, lights on the front are nicely printed and detailed, but the rear lights look like they came off a caravan, not oval, but rectangular, its the only thing that really lets this car down, and unfortunately that casting "error" will be across the range of VW's used.
One other thing, and I don't know why its done on this range of Hotwheels is that the Reject shop have placed a bloody great warning sticker over the front of the card, I've tried several ways to remove it without much success, the sticker has been on quite some time and the glue has leached into the card, so you will always see the shadow, and later on, it will deteriorate the card its self.

Tic Tak Tow, When ya gotta go!

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