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3 months 2 days ago #17990 by MANTA
Has anyone on here got a Subarugears 5 speed in there VW.?

In conversations over the years I have heard mentioned "Subarugears 5 speed" are the way to go for any suped up VW engine, whether its a Kombi, Beetle, Buggy or want ever.
I have also heard '76 and later Kombis used the 091 gearbox which is the 6-rib. This is geared better for the 2L and is the toughest of all VW gearboxes, but isnt able to be used on 1600/1700/1800 engines without chopping and changin bits to suit... replacing the input shaft being one of them.

My question is if you have a early 1962 Beetle, with a Swing Arm, with a suped up engine ...

Can you fit a Subarugears 5 speed. ?

How much do Subarugears 5 speeds cost to fit. ?

Is there a gearbox besides a Subarugear that would suit. ?


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3 months 2 days ago #17991 by davesss
Replied by davesss on topic Subarugears 5 speed BOX
'62 Beetle with SA box, I'd use a Dual Side Case box out of the early IRS Beetles, then add the usual Weddle parts to add strength where needed.
Lots of people with lots more serious power than me quite happily run deep into the 12s and do 1000s of annual street miles without a problem with such a gearbox. Note these are boxes that have have care and attention, unlike some off the shelf boxes.

Dave Butler has run deep into the 10s on a street weight Beetle for years without an issue using a 2L 091 box, and decades ago was running much faster than 10s, and for offroad racers the 091 is the box of choice it seems.......and some of them have 3 times the HP what you would find in the back of a 12-sec Beetle, like the odd LS V8 and twin-turbo V6s.

Subarugears make a great product even if it expensive, but if 1150kg WRXs on sticky radials that run into the mid-12s start having the same problems we have with VW boxes, and they do have a known problem at that performance level, then other 1150kg+ vehicles with the same tyres may also then have problems possibly with the same HP.

How much performance are you thinking?

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